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Our aching sides! As we reported, President Petulant threw a tantrum yesterday after gun control legislation failed in the Senate.

That tweet has other Twitter users gasping for breath. Why?

Remains to this day unvetted. RT @harrietbaldwin: Love this #Rush caller: Wants a background check for Obama! #GunControl

— Anita Miller (@FoxNewsMom) April 17, 2013

Bingo. The operative word? Irony.

Right?!Anyone else get the irony?? RT “@iowahawkblog: Barack Obama complaining about lack of background checks. Umm, okay.”

— Nancy (@Phurstluv) April 18, 2013

Obama is scolding us on background checks? There’s irony right there!!

— Corrine R (@corrinearooney) April 17, 2013

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha heh @iowahawkblog Barack Obama complaining about lack of background checks. Umm, okay.

— Kensington (@NYKensington) April 18, 2013

“@iowahawkblog: Barack Obama complaining about lack of background checks. Umm, okay.” #irony

— Travis Heckel (@UKWildcatTrav) April 18, 2013

Irony alert! RT @iowahawkblog: Barack Obama complaining about lack of background checks. Umm, okay.

— Joe Covey (@Joe_Covey) April 18, 2013

Thy name is irony. And butthurt, of course. RT @iowahawkblog: Barack Obama complaining about lack of background checks. Umm, okay.

— Ryne (@rynemcclaren) April 18, 2013


Never change, Twitter.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/04/18/zing-oh-the-irony-of-obama-complaining-about-lack-background-checks/


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Amare Stoudemire threw a fit after losing game 2 of the New York Knicks’ series against the Miami Heat. He proceeded to punching a fire extinguisher that was enclosed in a glass case.

It goes without saying, but he messed up his hand pretty badly.

If you think that looks painful we suggest you don’t go punching glass!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/04/amare-stoudemire-tweets-picture-of-cut-hand/

“Woof. Give me your credit card. Woof woof.”

1. The Snuggle Bed: for your favorite cuddle bug.

Who wouldn’t want to cozy up inside this thing?

2. Dogs don’t want to be left out when it comes to pool time: this raft is puncture proof so their claws won’t cause it to capsize.

It may take a little bit of practice before they learn how to balance on it, but they’ll get there.

3. If your dog can’t swim, you should suit him up in this shark life jacket before letting him clamber up on the pool raft.


*cue the Jaws theme*

4. Is your dog too dirty to allow in your pristine pool? Buy him one of his own.

Like the float, this is made of a rugged material that can’t be punctured by dog claws.

5. Are you a little slow? A little lazy? Let your pet chase this remote control dog pal around the yard.

You can relax on the porch while it zips around at about 20 miles per hour.

6. It’s been a long day. Pour yourself a glass of wine and give your pet a chardonnay chew toy.

Ca-wine for your ca-nine.

7. The Fetch & Glow ball lights up so you can play at night without losing it in the dark.

If your dog’s nose can’t hunt it down, you’ll still be able to search it out with your eyes.

8. Scared of losing your dog? Get Tagg: it’s a GPS tracker that attaches to their collar.


Your pet doesn’t want to get lost either.

9. A lounger for the dog who always wants to look like she’s posing for a portrait.

“How dare you suggest that I recline on some plebeian floor mat or – GASP – the rug? I’m not a peasant! Woof.”

10. The Snuggle Sack Pet Bed gives a pup some options for slumber time.


Hot night? Flat’s probably the best option. Brisk? They can cozy on up into the bed cave-style.

11. There are travel water dishes and travel food bowls, but this combines both of those things into one.

Yummy Travel Bowls allow you to store liquids and solids in one container for dogs on the go.

12. People may scoff at clothing for pets, but some pooches honestly prefer to stay dry: they should be allowed to wear a rain coat without shame.

Wear it with pride, little guy. WITH PRIDE.

13. Similarly, some dogs really do need protection from the frigid winter air. They may as well do it in style with a sweater like this one.


A French Bulldog wearing a French Bulldog sweater = cuteness overload.

14. Does your dog judge your pathetic throwing skills? Get a Winga and earn back their respect.


The thrower can send the discs over 200 feet!

15. This baseball bed looks so plush and cozy!

“I’m so good at playing catch that I could be in the MLB… I want a bed to express that. Woof.” Give your little outfielder what he wants.

16. Treats are more satisfying when they’re actually shaped like the meat their flavor comes from.

These snacks are all-natural and organic: “forget imitation, give your pup the real pig!”

17. Chat with your pet while you’re at work (or even abroad) with this videophone.


You can set a ringtone to “alert your pet of your call.”

18. This cozy and retro trailer bed has actual working wheels, so you can move it around the house.

Just because they’re snoozing doesn’t mean they don’t want to be with you: wheel it in the kitchen when you’re cooking dinner, wheel it into the laundry room when you’re doing the wash….

19. Does your dog love sticking her head out the window? Protect her eyes with a pair of Doggles.

Having a bug ram your eyeball when you’re moving 65 miles per hour is NOT pleasant.

20. The Sleepy Pod Mobile Pet Bed is oh so much cozier than your typical pet carriers.


“If I must be cooped up, at least let me be delightfully snug. Bow wow.”

21. This fountain circulates and filters your dog’s drinking water so they aren’t sipping on stagnant sludge.

Plus the sound of the trickling water is supposed to inspire them to get a drink more frequently (“a practice that can reduce the pet’s risk of kidney disease and urinary tract infection”).

22. A leash and collar set for the dog with a rootin’ tootin’ western sense of style.


Yee haw.

23. “I know that you work hard all day and I want to help you out. Buy some Pet Sweep boots and I’ll tidy the floor up for you. Bark.”

What a considerate gesture for a pet to make.

24. A bow tie for the dog that has many formal events to attend.


Just because they slobber doesn’t mean they have to look like slobs.

25. “After dark, after schmark! Get the dog flashlight and let’s go! Arrrrrooooooo!”

They don’t understand the concept of time.

26. A well-designed toy for your dog to wobble around.


It releases treats: yum!

27. The PetNic Travel Organizer is perfect for anyone who makes frequent trips to the park.


The two sides of the lid actually detach, so you can use them to serve your pooch some water and kibble.

28. A modern house for the dog that reads Dwell.

The deck is a nice touch.

29. Another housing option for the dog who would prefer to subscribe to Coastal Living.

“Yes, I’ll be spending the summer in the Hamptons. Bow wow.”

30. PoochLight leashes and collars are ideal for people that live in areas without sidewalks.

You want to be sure to keep visible when you’re out walking your dog along the road at night.

31. Your dog’s legs may be too short to walk around all day, but they still want to come: backpack him.

Bonus – the backpack is as rustically attractive as it is functional.

32. Turn dinner time into a challenge with this slow feeder.

It keeps dogs from eating too quickly, but it’s also just a fun game.

33. You’ve got your phone and an umbrella and a fragrant bag of poop… how are you going to hold a leash? Get Lishinu.


It’s a retractable dog leash that you can fasten around your wrist.

“Now use that free hand to carry a few treats. Woof.”

34. You bought yourself an electric blanket, now you need to go get your dog this heating pad.

No more cold floor.

35. Most dogs only eat once a day, and that one meal should be luxurious: this bowl helps set the mood.

Call them over and then dramatically lift the top off, revealing the delicacy you’ve prepared (or simply scooped from a huge bag in the garage – hey, it’s all the in the presentation).

36. Dogs just adore showing off their tongues: this toy lets them show off those mouth muscles even when they’re playing or chewing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – their tongues hang out because they’re panting, but they also love to display them. It’s a fact.

37. PrideBites Blankets are the best blankets (because you can emblazon them with your dog’s name and face).


Plus they’re washable and breathable (to prevent overheating).

38. Your dog is your best friend and he wants you to enjoy a nice bottle of beer: let him help you out with this dog collar (it comes with a bottle opener).

<img src="" class="bf_dom" rel:bf_bucket="progload" width="625" height="418" alt="Your dog is your best friend and he wants you to enjoy a nice bottle of beer: let him help you out with this dog collar (it comes with a bo

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Snakes are the stuff of nightmares for most humans, and they’re also high up on the food chain.

They can strike terror into the tiny hearts of rodents and other small animals as they slither around looking for their next meal. You might think these animals are helpless against such cunning creatures, but you’d be surprised. So often, animals manage to fight off their attacker, like this mama bunny did to save her baby.

But when a gecko was eaten by a snake, something even crazier happened when its friends came along to help.

After watching their gecko friend get eaten, these two started to move in on the snake.

They poked, prodded, and bit the snake, which still had a whole gecko lodged in its throat.

Eventually, the frustrated snake regurgitates the gecko it had eaten whole, but that’s not the most incredible part.

<div class="llcust" data-lltype="embed" id="ll_59a37af1d70fa" data-source="

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/geckos-save-friend/


David Frum seemed to think he scored a direct hit against Fox News, but based on his search criteria, no MSNBC personalities have been fired for offensive comments either:


Hmm. Odd.



‘Computer, please show me area rugs’: Google search fail sparks #DavidFrumSearchesTheInterweb mockery

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/01/31/david-frums-google-search-zinger-against-fox-news-has-all-its-zing-removed/


We don’t know what exactly Taylor Swift said when ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction was onstage talking at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier tonight. But we are sure amused by what Twitter users think she was saying.


Later, during her acceptance speech for best female video for her single “I Knew You Were Trouble,” she tossed a shade ball right at Harry’s head.



Stiff upper lips, boys. But a missed opportunity!


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/08/25/taylor-swift-throws-shade-at-harry-styles-at-mtvvmas-vine/

I’m sure that not many of you have thought about the fashionable qualities of the pillows in your house. As long as they match the other furniture, you don’t need to put any additional thought into them, right?

Well, you might start when you see this. Universe, meet the mermaid pillow. This thing changes colors when you run your hands over it, and it’s pretty much the best.

The pillow was discovered by journalist Steve Noviello while in a furniture store in Nebraska. The pillow is covered in sequins that magically change colors when you touch them!

Here’s the full video of Noviello’s mermaid pillow experience:

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = “//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.3”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

Came across these changing “mermaid” pillows at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Amazing or horrifying? Nebraska Furniture Mart doesn’t sell these on line- here’s a link to a vendor http://www.blingisthenewblack.com/#!online-store/c9vn/!/OUR-BLING-MERMAID-STYLE-REVERSIBLE-SEQUIN-PILLOW-17X17-SALE/p/58973055/category=0

Posted by Steve Noviello on Sunday, January 10, 2016

(via Metro UK)

I need to get my hands on one of these! They are so cool and retro. Every home decor company should have a few of them in stock.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/mermaid-pillow/

When you’re craving relaxation, you want things to be just right. You might light a few candles, burn some incense, and dim the lights before finding the perfect place to rest your tired old self. But sometimes finding that spot can be tricky. Lumpy pillows and springy cushions can ruin all the ambiance you worked so hard to create.

These dogs have found the answer to your comfort needs: cats. 

1.) His favorite pillow.

2.) It’s just like having a seat warmer.

3.) So cozy.

4.) Looks comfy to me.

5.) Maybe we should all give this a shot.

6.) I’m sure cats won’t mind.

7.) They probably love this.

8.) Who wouldn’t love this?

9.) Yeah, they’re totally fine with it.

10.) And they get their turn too.

11.) It’s a mutual understanding.

12.) Everyone wins!

13.) Because what’s cozier than a four legged friend?

Go ahead and give it a try when your next naptime rolls around!

Read more: http://viralnova.com/dog-cat-sit/


Earlier this week, citizens took to Twitter to express their outrage at the deplorable Obama SuperPAC’s  “Romney killed my wife” ad. They decided to come up with #OctoberObamaAds; if Team Obama is sinking so sewer-level low now, then what could it possibly come up with in October?

Now, with the apparent collusion between Team Obama and the SuperPAC exposed, it looks like more slime won’t even wait until October. So, what will be the #NextDemocratCampaignAd? Will it include a game-changing bombshell like Mitt Romney is actually the one who discovered The Black Eyed Peas? Oh, the horror!

Happy warriors have the answers.

Mitt Romney played for the Hawks in the original Mighty Ducks. #NextDemocratCampaignAd

— Christine Rousselle (@crousselle) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Mitt Romney froze Kristen Stewart's face so she's incapable of displaying emotion.

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd @DWSTweets says Romney helped her stash her cash in Swiss banks

— Donna AlphaBitchTeer (@izzyjsmom) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Romney wants to return us to the days on 4% unemployment.. why does he hate the unemployed? Is he out of touch?

— Go Colts!!! (@hoosierclinger) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Mitt and family take ALL the tags off of their mattresses and pillows.

— Sandy (@VioletTiger2) August 10, 2012


Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin are members of the same political party #NextDemocratCampaignAd

— ColoradoRight (@ColoradoRight) August 10, 2012

As a child, Mitt Romney would dress up in strange outfits and ask his neighbors for treats. #NextDemocratCampaignAd

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Mitt Romney made a pie out of the Great Pumpkin, causing Charlie Brown to grieve to death

— Donna AlphaBitchTeer (@izzyjsmom) August 10, 2012

Mitt wears Dad jeans as part of his war on women. #NextDemocratCampaignAd

— robert (@ProgressiveAle) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Romney is bitterly clinging to Obama's bad record.

— IfIWereObama (@IfIWereObama) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Romney loves America. Is this the kind of man you want for President?

— Dan K. (@TinyPurpleFishs) August 10, 2012

Keep them coming, Twitter! Exposure with humor makes Obama deputy campaign manager, Stephanie “Liar, liar, pants on fire” Cutter, say “Ugh.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/10/nextdemocratcampaignad-how-low-will-they-go/