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#NextDemocratCampaignAd: How low will they go?


Earlier this week, citizens took to Twitter to express their outrage at the deplorable Obama SuperPAC’s  “Romney killed my wife” ad. They decided to come up with #OctoberObamaAds; if Team Obama is sinking so sewer-level low now, then what could it possibly come up with in October?

Now, with the apparent collusion between Team Obama and the SuperPAC exposed, it looks like more slime won’t even wait until October. So, what will be the #NextDemocratCampaignAd? Will it include a game-changing bombshell like Mitt Romney is actually the one who discovered The Black Eyed Peas? Oh, the horror!

Happy warriors have the answers.

Mitt Romney played for the Hawks in the original Mighty Ducks. #NextDemocratCampaignAd

— Christine Rousselle (@crousselle) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Mitt Romney froze Kristen Stewart's face so she's incapable of displaying emotion.

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd @DWSTweets says Romney helped her stash her cash in Swiss banks

— Donna AlphaBitchTeer (@izzyjsmom) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Romney wants to return us to the days on 4% unemployment.. why does he hate the unemployed? Is he out of touch?

— Go Colts!!! (@hoosierclinger) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Mitt and family take ALL the tags off of their mattresses and pillows.

— Sandy (@VioletTiger2) August 10, 2012


Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin are members of the same political party #NextDemocratCampaignAd

— ColoradoRight (@ColoradoRight) August 10, 2012

As a child, Mitt Romney would dress up in strange outfits and ask his neighbors for treats. #NextDemocratCampaignAd

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Mitt Romney made a pie out of the Great Pumpkin, causing Charlie Brown to grieve to death

— Donna AlphaBitchTeer (@izzyjsmom) August 10, 2012

Mitt wears Dad jeans as part of his war on women. #NextDemocratCampaignAd

— robert (@ProgressiveAle) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Romney is bitterly clinging to Obama's bad record.

— IfIWereObama (@IfIWereObama) August 10, 2012

#NextDemocratCampaignAd Romney loves America. Is this the kind of man you want for President?

— Dan K. (@TinyPurpleFishs) August 10, 2012

Keep them coming, Twitter! Exposure with humor makes Obama deputy campaign manager, Stephanie “Liar, liar, pants on fire” Cutter, say “Ugh.

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