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As Twitchy readers know, James O’Keefe has been teasing his latest investigation into voter fraud. He promised Donna Brazile that she’d regret saying voter fraud is a “big ass lie.” Well, today Project Veritas released the video:

The video is a must-see. Here is a partial transcript:

VO #4: This is Meredith Hicks. She is a director for Work For Progress, a nonprofit working hard to help re-elect Colorado Democratic Senator Mark Udall. A Democratic Party super PAC heavily funds the group and one of their employees is already facing charges of voter registration fraud.

O’Keefe: 21:11:32 If they are not eligible to vote, and all these people are throwing out ballots, lets use those ballots to vote. So we can get as many votes as possible.

Meredith Hicks: Yes Definitely.

O’Keefe: We don’t just want to discard the ballots. So I think that that’s what we ‘re going to do. And I think that can make the difference in this election.

Meredith Hicks: I agree you’re totally right.

O’Keefe: I think, absolutely.

O’Keefe: I mean they cheat and lie and steal all the time. They do.

Meredith Hicks: I mean, that’s not even lying and stealing, if someone throws out the ballot, if you want to fill it out you should do it.

O’Keefe: You should do it.

Meredith Hicks: It doesn’t have anyones name on it yet.

Wow. What say you now, Donna Brazile?

Stay tuned for more.

Update: Citizens are reacting to the bombshell investigation.


Mother Jones, Libs launch preemptive attack on James O’Keefe’s unreleased voter fraud video

‘People may lose their jobs’: Ready for another James O’Keefe sting video? Now with more ‘stache [photo]

Donna Brazile: ‘Voter fraud is a big ass lie’; James O’Keefe: You’re ‘going to regret saying this’

Get ready, ‘senate candidate’! Who else wants another James O’Keefe election investigation video?

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Universities can sometimes expect you to be some sort of wizard that has mastered time and doesn’t need sleep. You go to class from 8am-6pm, then you go to work, then you go to your extra curricular activities. After that insanity, then you stay up till 4am doing homework, only to wake up the next day and start it all over again.

So, naturally, when you’re faced with a lecture in a quiet, dimly lit room there is a natural desire to sleep. That’s what this guy thought, but he decided to take it to the next level.

Someone’s a sleepy-bear.

I imagine it’d be hard to concentrate when someone is doing the only thing you want to do right now.

“That looks like a good idea…”–Some guy.

Maybe someone can give those guys the notes after class.

…I support what these guys are doing, though. Why do professors schedule the most boring lectures so early in the morning? I’m surprised more people don’t show up with cots and blankets.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/sleeping-in-class/


Oh, Cher. Is “T-Baggies” a step up from “racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters“? We guess you can’t call them “women hating” when referring to the much-loved Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. But, you are slipping! No, ‘gender traitors”? Sheesh, Cher! Get on the ball.

Also, bring it? Are you 12 years old? No, wait; that’s an insult to 12-year-olds. We love the new tone, toots! Did you learn the violent rhetoric from your buddy, Ellen Barkin? She told One Million Moms to “bring it” as well, after she spewed hate-filled curses at others.

U R LUV'D & WELCOME! Mitts A Spineless Racist ! 2Words "British Olympics" @Suzannehaley: I GOP Pls don't make fun of me,showing my luv 4 u !

— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

It is ironic that Cher is accusing someone else of racism, when she is full of rampant bigotry. How can Mitt Romney be spineless, yet able to put on his “magic underwear,” Cher?

But she’s totally full of love!


— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

Ah, the race card. With some other cuckoo pants mixed in. The “dog whistles” that Cher hears in her own head are as paranoid delusional as she is.

What a fkn Cretin!RT @EliseTheLovely @cher through opening ceremony of Olympics I was like HA IN UR FACE SIR MITTINGTON! #ProudToBeBritish

— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

Feel the love! Her fans, of course, focus on Sarah Palin and wish for violence. Civility!

Could @cher beat up @sarahpalinusa in a fight? That would be awesome to see…

— Samuel Colt (@MrSamuelColt) July 29, 2012

@MrSamuelColt: Could @cher beat up @sarahpalinusa in a fight? That would be awesome to see…” I agree I'd buy tickets for that!

— Vin Nolan (@vin_nolan) July 29, 2012


@cher Dear one… "fighting" against Sarah Palin is like punching Mike Tyson in his prime. He LIKES it.

— Rick Sparks (@ricksparks) July 29, 2012

@cher We are right behind you

— Tint (@Tintonlife) July 29, 2012

Right behind her, natch. Liberal men are quite the impotent ones.

No!But he Wouldn't support theirs either!He helped get Bills Passed HE WAS LOVED ! @Bella140:F SONNY WAS ALIVE, WOULD HE SUPPORT YOUR VIEWS?

— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

Unlike those icky “T-Baggies,” huh? Or, worse: Those Mormons! Remember, Cher really just hates Mormons.

And, you know, reality. Seek help, Cher. And an English tutor.


She can’t stop!

Why Block?You're ALL THE SAME ASSHOLE RT@jeffofnh Really,Tbaggies is best u got.What's next muting all ppl who differ from u ideologically?

— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

Why Cuba?I could go 2 Caymans(no tax) & visit Romneys $$$RT@vernonsm Obviously,ur afraid TPartiers will cause Romney 2win.U must move 2Cuba

— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

Lovely'sGuess Right-wing-nuts r go'n 2b trashing me En Masse! IF I'm So Decrepit,Passé,WHY R They Wasting Precious BULLET BUYING TIME ON ME

— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

That throws shade on Dog RT @MNCaligirl Bachmann is rep 4 my district in MN shes such an idiot!I'd vote 4a pile of dog shit B4 voting 4 her!

— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

Feel the love of the oh-so-tolerant Cher!


— Cher (@cher) July 29, 2012

Ah, your fault, wing nutty wing nuts with wings. Cher is otherwise super sane and stuff. It’s all you!

What color is the sky in your world, Cher?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/29/cher-romney-is-spineless-racist-cretin-must-fight-t-baggies-bachmann-and-palin/


Wait, what?

Well, it appears that this happened:


Forward! To more creepy cultism. The immediate response was, “WTF?”


Sure, it was just a C-SPAN caller, but still:




Perhaps someone who listens to the likes of the absurd Russell Crowe, who said that Obama is “the light and the future.” Or the moronic Jamie Foxx, who said that Obama is “our Lord and Savior.” Or perhaps Chris Rock, who proclaimed Obama “our boss” and “the dad of the country.”


At least we won’t be alone!

A key question for all sinners:



And a poignant exit point:



Low information voter or high creep factor voter? You decide!


Newsweek revels in Obama cultism with creepy ‘second coming’ Inauguration cover

It puts the lotion on: Creepy Messina Obamacare #ForAll pic inspires mockery, photoshops

Unhinged: UCSF fundraiser wishes death on all Obamacare ‘nonbelievers’; Nick Searcy shreds

Let them eat cake: OFA worshippers put the frosting on President Obama’s birthday [photos, video]

‘What in the name of hell is this?’ OFA Fla. ups the creep factor for Obama’s birthday [pic]

Barkin’ mad: Obama cultist Ellen Barkin creepily says ‘We are Obama’s people,’ racist GOP

#ForAll cult fail: Cutter, Natalie Portman, Leto kick off; Jim Messina’s pic creeps everyone out

Who’s your daddy? Hilarity ensues as citizens school Chris Rock on why it’s not Obama

Chris Rock on gun control: Obama is ‘our boss’ and ‘dad of the country’

Russell Crowe says ‘Obama is the light and the future,’ then throws hissy fit, blocks fans

Unreal: Painting depicts Barack Obama as crucified Christ

‘No, Jesus is’: Jamie Foxx calls Obama ‘Our Lord and Savior’ during Soul Train Awards, backlash erupts

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/09/29/obama-cultism-did-actor-adam-baldwin-spot-the-creepiest-c-span-caller-ever/

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As we speak, I’m sitting in my IKEA chair, drinking from an IKEA mug, and resting that mug on an IKEA coffee table between sips.

As a 20-something with approximately zero dollars between rent and bills, I appreciate the fact that I can get sleek furniture for a fraction of what I’d pay if I went to a store where people with lots of dollars like to shop.

Business Insider recently released a list of the furniture powerhouse’s best-selling pieces. Do I have most of them? Maybe. Do you? Quite possibly. But here’s the thing. With help from some of the internet’s many do-it-yourselfers, you can transform the IKEA staples everyone has into pieces that are stunning, functional, and totally unique. Here are five items every IKEA lover has and 50 ways to give them new life. Click the blue links to purchase and to find detailed instructions!

1. Lack Tables

At just $24.99, the black Lack coffee table I have is a sleek, affordable addition to my living room. Although I haven’t altered mine, here are a few projects that could revamp yours. Why not bring a shabby-chic vibe to your space by creating this wood topper?

Here are a few more Lack table ideas:

2. Billy Bookshelves

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI1_BTF’); });

Perhaps IKEA’s most ubiquitous design, the Billy series is really versatile. For starters, you could optimize your small space by adding glass doors and building out instead of up.

But there’s plenty more where that came from. Check these Billy bookcase ideas out:

3. Poäng Chairs

One way to make your Poäng chair totally unrecognizable is to cut the midsection, replace the cushions with durable fabric, and turn it into this elegant seat.

Here are a few more Poäng hacks:

4. Docksta Tables

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI2_BTF’); });

One crafter used marble contact paper to glam her table up and I’m living for it.

Simple tweaks are what revamping a Docksta table is all about. Here’s a little list to help get you started:

5. Kallax Shelves

This is another collection I can’t live without. How beautiful is this window bench Kallax hack?

The possibilities really are endless. Need some inspiration? Coming right up!

There you have it, people! What are you waiting for? Run to IKEA and go nuts.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/best-selling-ikea-hacks/

Throughout history, some of the biggest disasters have been caused by something that seemed so simple (at least at the time). There are times when individuals make mistakes, someone slacks on safety or sometimes simple, terrible coincidences cause massive consequences. Basically, one wrong decision led to absolutely disastrous results. Here are some of the biggest “mistakes” that have ever occurred in history. You may be surprised by the root cause of some of these disasters that resulted in death, destruction and loss of homes. (Note: the monetary losses cited below take into consideration many things beyond the direct loss)

1.) Tiger Woods chooses to cheat on Elin Nordegren (costing him possibly $12 billion).

Business Insider

2.) Captain Edward Smith crashes and sinks the Titanic (losing $7.5 million and countless lives).

Business Insider

3.) Elderly man throws away winning Euromillions lottery ticket on accident (losing $181 million).

Business Insider

4.) NASA used metric and Lockheed Martin used the English system to build an orbiter together. It was lost in space (losing $125 million).

Business Insider

5.) Faulty equipment causes a stealth bomber to crash on takeoff (losing $1.4 billion).

Business Insider

6.) A hunter using a signal flare starts the worst fire in California history (losing an insured $1.2 billion).

Business Insider

7.) Rupert Murdoch has an affair with Wendi Deng after 32 years of marriage (losing $1.7 billion).

Business Insider

8.) Faulty equipment causes Three Mile Island meltdown (losing $836.9 million).

Business Insider

9.) Safety inspectors forget to replace valve at Piper Alpha oil rig (losing $3.4 billion).

Business Insider

10.) The Prestige oil tanker sinks off the coast of Spain, killing over 300,000 birds (losing $5.7 billion).

Business Insider

11.) A drunk Captain Joe Hazelwood crashes Exxon-Valdez into Prince William Sound (losing $4.4 billion).

Business Insider

12.) Faulty equipment causes the Challenger to explode on liftoff, killing the 7 crew members (losing $5.5 billion).

Business Insider

13.) The Columbia was damaged during liftoff. During re-entry, the hole that was created in one of Columbia’s panels allowed super-hot atmospheric gases into the orbiter’s wing, leading to its destruction. (losing $13 billion).

Business Insider

14.) TEPCO and regulators ignore the Fukushima Power Plant wouldn’t stand up to a tsunami, and it was slammed by one (losing $12 billion).

Business Insider

15.) BP, Halliburton, Cameron or Transocean made a mistake, causing the Deepwater Horizon to blow up, dumping 5 million barrels into the water (losing $40 billion).

Business Insider

16.) Faulty equipment causes the Chernobyl meltdown, killing plant employees, spreading radiation and emptying the town (losing $358 billion).

Business Insider

(H/T Business Insider) It may never be a good idea to skip safety precautions. It could save you and your company billions of dollars, not to mention innocent lives. Share these intense mistakes with others by clicking on the button below. It’s hard to believe just how this happened.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/massive-historical-mistakes/

Sometimes, seemingly without reason, innocent animals are subjected to torture we would never be able to imagine going through ourselves. During a long day of work, a man miraculously stumbled across a white box, nearly buried in snow. It was freezing out and the box was covered in snow and partially in branches. What he found inside broke his heart, so he decided to do something about it.

The box that he found was barely visible in the snow, as it was white and partially hidden.

It’s a miracle he spotted it at all.

When he peered inside, he saw this depressing scene: a tiny kitten, obviously cold and sick, sitting next to frozen food.

Then, he looked closer. There was another kitten inside, hiding behind his brother.

There weren’t homes, shelter or food anywhere in sight.

The kittens were obviously on their own, and slowly dying out in the wilderness.

So, he took in those abandoned kittens, determined to help them survive.

The cat at the back of the box didn’t look so bad. She was still sick, but not in bad shape like her brother.

Without help, the brother at the front of the box surely would have died. He is still very sick, is covered in his own feces and is struggling to stay alive.

If separated at all, the kittens will cry out. They are terrified to be without each other.

The kittens needed medical attention, but during the night their saviors did what they could.

They were swaddled in blankets in an attempt to raise their body temperature.

One kitten responded very well to the warmth and love, and began purring like crazy.

She also cuddled and nuzzled anyone who would be close to her.

Her brother, however, was still very sick and needed to get to the vet ASAP.

Luckily, they were both attended to and were on the road to a full recovery.

It’s incredible that these kittens were spotted from the road, hidden in that styrofoam container in the snowy wilderness. But I’m glad they were.

Because happy endings are the best.

Source: imgur.com

Read more: http://viralnova.com/found-a-box/


That’s the trouble with communists, they only think the rules apply to the little people.

Over the weekend Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine got his elitist shorts in a bunch because he wasn’t immediately seated in a Seattle restaurant that was already filled to capacity. He took to Twitter to share the epic “don’t you know who I am?” moment with all his fans.

Five Point restaurant in Seattle is the WORST. Super rude & anti-worker. Shittiest doorman in the Northwest. Prick. Spread the word.

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 27, 2014

Spoiled musician experiences severe butt hurt over not being given special treatment, throws tantrum on Twitter. Spread the word.

@tmorello Wondering – A: Do people usually blindly do whatever you say? & B: Why not tell the doorman he's a prick, instead of telling us?

— Cayton (@StuffCaytonSays) September 27, 2014

Quote of the day: "Rock stars don't get special treatment at The 5 Point. We couldn't give less of a s**t." http://t.co/5DbwaB5Z9r

— Ericka Andersen (@ErickaAndersen) September 30, 2014

The owner of the restaurant seems to be hard at work trying to implement the things Morello only talks about and took poor Tom to school.

@tmorello The 5 Point is totally pro worker & we pay more and have more benefits than any other small restaurant anywhere

— David Meinert (@davidmeinert) September 27, 2014

@tmorello higher starting pay, health insurance, retirement, paid vacation, sick days, and profit sharing.

— David Meinert (@davidmeinert) September 27, 2014

@tmorello we are or were fans of you & your work. Our staff are very cool & when they aren't it's typically a reflection of the customer

— David Meinert (@davidmeinert) September 27, 2014

@tmorello BTW I'm the owner & have supported & worked on paid sick days, higher minimum wage & city sponsored retirement for all workers

— David Meinert (@davidmeinert) September 27, 2014


@tmorello Attacking small business goes against your gimmick, asshole. Stop pretending you're a rock star.

— Jason. (@GabrielPomerand) September 27, 2014

So Rage Against The Machine has become the machine they raged against: http://t.co/JUxUDoN00T

— Nik Martin (@nik_martin) September 30, 2014

lol, @tmorello uses his celebrity to get special treatment, then makes political accusations when he doesn’t get it http://t.co/vBNEuWnTS3

— J. Arthur Bloom (@j_arthur_bloom) September 30, 2014

@tmorello turns out to be just another douche rock star wanting special treatment. http://t.co/AoKE44UiNe via @po_st #shocker #antidoorman

— Jennifer Cobb (@jencobb1978) September 30, 2014

@tmorello Perhaps Yelp would be a better outlet for your hurt feelings then?

— m. pinero (@stabulousness) September 27, 2014

@stabulousness: @tmorello Perhaps Yelp would be a better outlet for your hurt feelings then?” On it

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 27, 2014

@gechsor15 @tmorello "Rebellious social activist" didn't get rock star treatment, trashes small business on Twitter. #whenrockstarsyelp

— m. pinero (@stabulousness) September 27, 2014

@gechsor15 "Local business I've never been inside of is THE WORST. They're anti-worker! Spread the word." Yes, my attitude is the issue here

— m. pinero (@stabulousness) September 27, 2014

Willing to forgive the Seattle Evil (Egg) Empire 5 Points Cafe doorman powertrip if good guy owner D Meinert fully embraces #15Now min wage

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 29, 2014

So big of him. He’s willing to forgive the restaurant he trashed to 384k Twitter followers … but only if they meet his conditions.


Pancake Gate update: Luv&respect the workers.Glad to sit down w/owner next time in Sea, happy about his commitment to pay raise for workers

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 30, 2014

@tmorello that's awfully big of you, mister rock star.

— Ben Ecker (@BenEcker) September 30, 2014



Rage against the ‘official story’: RATM’s Tom Morello enjoys a little JFK conspiracy reading

Occu-twerp Tom Morello: ‘Heroic’ Bradley Manning ‘deserves the Medal of Honor’

‘Chavez RIP’: Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello retweets Chavez slam on Bush

Snit fit idiot: Rage’s Tom Morello: Ryan is ‘embodiment of machine our music rages against’

Full Twitchy coverage of Tom Morello




Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/30/tom-morello-rages-against-seattle-restaurant-for-not-treating-him-like-a-vip/


Call the waaahmbulance! RT @jtlol Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter: http://t.co/oeqzA7XW Awwww. 🙁

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 17, 2012

OH NOES!! The Daily Show’s blog thinks conservatives on Twitter are totes unfunny! So, it’s official, until we can all be as funny as Gonzalo Cordova, who wrote the Daily Show’s original post, the hashtag games are off.

Get it?? Booooosh!!! LOLZ!

Naturally Cordova’s whining about conservative hashtag games gave rise to a conservative hashtag game. Check out all the things Twitter finds funnier than Gonzalo Cordova.

The end of Old Yeller #FunnierThanCordova

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) May 17, 2012

A pile of Rosie O'Donnell's greasy backhair shavings #FunnierThanCordova

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) May 17, 2012

Iowahawk's ingrown toenail is #FunnierThanCordova

— Charmadillo™ (@Harry_Bergeron) May 17, 2012

Whoopie Cushions. #FunnierThanCordova

— Justen Charters (@JustenCharters) May 17, 2012

#FunnierThanCordova Septic tank maintenance

— Cardinal ACK! (@megapotamus) May 17, 2012

Pauly Shore Movies #FunnierThanCordova

— Kimberly C (@conkc2) May 17, 2012

Stonings #FunnierThanCordova

— Alex P Keaton (@I_Hate_Hippies) May 17, 2012

Flat beer #FunnierThanCordova

— Slublog (@Slublog) May 17, 2012


#FunnierThanCordova Al Gore's chakra

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) May 18, 2012

Bill Maher. In fact the only thing he is funnier than. #FunnierThanCordova

— RocksEm (@RocksEm) May 17, 2012

Paper cuts #FunnierThanCordova

— Cheryl Eleni (@CherEleni) May 17, 2012

Obama slow-jamming the news. #FunnierThanCordova

— Kensington (@NYKensington) May 18, 2012

being shanked in prison #FunnierThanCordova

— GrumpyOldDude (@wdett) May 18, 2012

#FunnierThanCordova Joe Biden

— The People's Cube (@ThePeoplesCube) May 18, 2012

Nothing. His butthurt whining is hee-larious! #FunnierThanCordova

— Tim Wells (@RoninNerd) May 17, 2012



Cordova takes another bite at the Twitter hashtag apple. Also, he mistakes hearty laughter for “hate.”


Get him a box of Kleenex, STAT:

Yesterday I wrote a blog post called Conservative Hashtags are Ruining Twitter. It went viral and the hashtags #GonzaloCordovaJokes and #FunnierThanCordova blew up. The best part about hordes of people you’ll never meet hating you is knowing what being Kanye West must feel like.



The estimable Jim Treacher has unearthed footage of Mr. Cordova performing his non-stop laugh riot of a standup routine.

oh no. oh no no no. http://t.co/JrZ7xGgM @gonzalorcordova

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) May 18, 2012

@IMAO_ @jtLOL @AceofSpadesHQ I thought he was pretty funny in Superbad. #McLovin

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) May 18, 2012

dude I can't even make fun of you, my instincts for mercy kick in. @gonzalorcordova

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) May 18, 2012

I hope you find something you're good at.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) May 18, 2012

dude I'm so sorry @GonzaloRCordova

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) May 18, 2012

.@gonzalorcordova fills me with that uncomfortable feeling I used to get from Jo's Cerebral Palsy Comedianne Cousin on Facts of Life.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) May 18, 2012

I'll just say what I said then: "This is true heroism."

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) May 18, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/17/comedy-central-writer-cries-over-conservative-hashtag-games/